First hotel with Meat Free Monday

Another small but significant step has been taken to improve the future prospects of Planet Earth.

A hotel in Sweden has become the first in the world to introduce Meat Free Monday – and may also see an entire chain of hotels join the campaign – serving only meat-free meals on a Monday.

The Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden, will become the first hotel in Nordic Choice Hospitality Group to implement MFM, beginning with a launch party later today.

A number of hotels already support weekly meat-free day initiatives. But rather than offering good vegetarian options to support MFM in addition to a normal menu – which the hotel does as a matter of course throughout the week – all meals at Nordic Light will be completely meat-free on a Monday, including a la carte, breakfast menus and room service.

Nordic Choice operates 170 hotels across five brands. If the campaign is rolled out across the board it will become the first hotel group in the world to remove meat from its menus at the start of the week.

Why is this significant? First, meat production is a tremendous producer of deadly greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. Secondly, the production of meat hogs up many of the planets precious resources like water and grain that can be used much more efficiently to nourish the world’s hungry population.