Protect against EMFs

alk about increasing your energy… let’s get serious about seeking protection against energy-draining, health-threatening electromagnetic frequencies, or EMFs. Evidence of the damage to our health posed by EMFs has been steadily mounting for the past 25+ years.

EMFs are everywhere. They are emitted from the electrical wiring and circuit boxes in our homes and offices, and from every appliance, satellite, and TV. They also come out of every computer. Cordless and cell phones send radiation directly to our brain. Microwaves emit their own frequencies. If we sleep next to an electric clock, we’re exposing ourselves to yet more radiation.

According to Phyllis Light Ph.D., EMFs are disruptive to our body’s own natural energy field. When the electromagnetic energies hit the human energy field, they disrupt it and interfere with its normal functioning. These disruptive energies eventually take a toll on the physical body: we get headaches; feel tired; and often develop immune system disorders.

As soon as we become aware of EMFs’ dangers, it’s essential we take action to protect ourselves. We can purchase chips and discs to place on our phones, appliances, computers and circuit breaker boxes, which diffuse the hazards of EMFs. One of my preferred sources for these products is Tachyon. I also like the pendants at BioElectric Shield that you can wear or carry in your pocket.