Movie exposes Japanese mass destruction of dolphins

The movie “The Cove” is an eye-opener.

The Japanese are getting away with the mass decimation of dolphins.

Dolphins are being captured to be sold for high prices as show animals to water parks around the world.

They are also being slaughter en masse so that the Japanese market can deceptively sell the meat as South Pacific whale. In the meantime, because dolphins are so high up on the sea food chain, they are contaminated with mercury from industrial run-off. Consequently the Japanese population is at risk for mercury poisoning, but most are unaware.

The effort to save dolphins is being championed by Rick Berry, the man who trained dolphins for the hit TV show of the 1960s “Flipper.” At the time, he was ignorant that dolphins are ill-suited to captivity because of their acute sensitivity to sound. Nor did he realize that the popularity of the TV show would unleash an enormous worldwide demand for dolphins as theme-park show animals.