Homeopathics and Alkalzing Not Compatible

I am working with an experienced naturopath to hopefully avoid having to take a cocktail of debilitating antibiotics for up to 2 years that the medical establishment would prescribe for a non-contagious bacteria that has somehow settled in my lungs. In taking the homeopathic remedies that the naturopath Dr. Dori has prescribed for me, I realize that homeopathics and alkalizing are not compatible.

Why? The alcohol in the homeopathic remedies is acidic. Although the Dr. Dori wants me to measure my saliva and urine ph daily with the objective of alkalizing, I realize that as long as I’m taking multiple homeopathic remedies, I should not expect to raise my body’s alkalinity.

In raising my concern with Dr. Dori, she told me that, if I want, I can allow the alcohol to evaporate by mixing the homeopathic remedy with a little water and leaving it overnight. However she is not concerned about the alcohol in the homepathic remedies, and she advised me not to get caught up in the day-to-day pH readings. She said that what matters is the long-term picture. She assures me that I am improving my body chemistry over time, regardless of the alcohol.

Do anyone have experience with this issue?