Fresh herbs for flavor and antioxidants

Fresh herbs are a flavor and antioxidant powerhorse. They provide an exciting spin to even the most mundane meal. Consume them live to benefit from their natural antioxidants.

Add them to any mixed veg salad. Toss them into a morning green smoothie. Throw them into a grain pilaf. You won’t believe what they do for the flavor.

Go easy on the sage as a leaf or two will go a long way.

Throw in stevia leaves for sweetness.

Add lemon balm instead of lemon juice.

Cilantro works well with a quinoa and black bean combo.

Mint turns a green smoothie into ambrosia for the gods, or spikes up a Middle Eastern tabouli salad.

Rosemary perks up the blandest of roasted red-skin potatoes.

Tarragon adds an unexpected twist to any sauce.