Alkalize and Energize

Do you wish you had more energy to enjoy your life more and have the confidence to make bigger plans?

It’s simple: Alkalize.

Alkalzing is a diet and lifestyle approach to improving body chemistry so that our body’s fluids (saliva and urine) have a healthy pH reading in the area of 7.0. When our body’s fluids approach that level,  our electrical body is firing freely and energetically.

Focusing on three areas of life help move us toward the alkalized ideal:


For food: Think live green: green juices, green salads. There are many varieties to choose from: romaine lettuce, kale, arugula, collard greens, spinach, Swiss chard, parsley, basil, escarole, bok choy for starters.

For movement: Cleansing the lymphatic system is essential. Make sure you get 30-60 minutes/day of foot-hitting exercise such as walking, rebounding, jogging, etc. While swimming, biking and walking on an eliptical climber are great aerobic activities, they do not qualify as lymph-cleansers.

For emotions: Check out your emotions. A negative frame of mind that tending toward anger, worry, fear, jealousy, frustation only serves to acidify the body. Laughter, social and spiritual connection help to alkalize.

How do you know how acidic or alkaline you are? Measure  your saliva and urine pH first thing in the a.m. with pH paper.

Now that you know the basics, don’t you agree that alkalizing is easy to practice… particularly when the rewards for your energy and health are so great?