Celery stick for weight control

For weight control, put your food on a plate.

I know it may seem obvious to some of you. Putting your food on a plate before eating makes common sense, doesn’t it? Not.

For anyone who has added a few extra pounds as many of us did over the holidays, placing food on a plate before eating may not be so obvious after all.

Think in terms of breaking open a bag of chips and diving into it mindlessly. Get it?

Well… I’m here to remind you, that if you want to lose that extra fat you accumulated over the holidays (who doesn’t?), you’ll need to place your food single layer on a plate. And I do mean a plate, not a bowl, which obscures quantities.

Take my celery stick. It’s a great little snack. The celery is light; the bit of nut butter in the stick helps psychologically because of its luxurious creaminess and its fat content helps satisfy the appetite.

Try it and see how you like it.